How It Works


How To Order: 

Step 1: 

Before you order, Quilts by Danielle can use all types of apparel to create your quilt. Denim, flannels, uniforms, sports memorabilia, sweatshirts, cotton, polyester, etc.  

Count all the items you want to use to create your quilt. T-Shirts/apparel items are cut into 14-inch squares to create panels.

T-Shirts are the most commonly used apparel items.  Count and label, with blue tape only, all the logos you want for your panels. The front and back count as two panels.  Once you have counted all the logos you now know what size quilt you can make. 

Example:  16 shirts with logos:  4x4=16 panels (Go to 4x4 Quilts) 

                   24 shirts with logos:  4x6=24 panels (Go to 4x6 Quilts) 

                   35 shirts with logos:  5x7=35 panels (Go to 5x7 Quilts) 

                   49 shirts with logos:  7x7=49 panels (Go to 7x7 Quilts) 

                   64 shirts with logos:  8x8=64 panels (Go to 8x8 Quilts)


Common Questions??? 

What if I only have 15 or even 12 logos? Or I have 20 or 40? 

Answer:  If you have less items needed for the size quilt you want, Quilts by Danielle can use the blank sides of your shirts to fill in the empty spaces.  OR:  You can provide fabric to fill in the spaces.  OR:  You can purchase in-stock fabric from Quilts by Danielle (prices on fabric depends on type, please inquire). 

If you have more than you need to create the size quilt you desire, please label the logos with Blue Painter’s Tape Only.  Quilts by Danielle will not cut shirts or apparel items that will not be used in the quilt.  Items not used will be sent back with the finished quilt.  If you like the front but not the back, label with Blue Tape FRONT ONLY.  If you want both sides, label BOTH SIDES. Etc. 


Step 2: 

Now that you know how many panels you have, go to the Menu and choose MEMORY QUILT.   

Choose from the sizes displayed.  Once you choose a size you will now be able to decide on the finishing touches.  You have 3 types of backing fabric to choose from: 

Fleece, Flannel, & Minky 

Once you choose your backing fabric you can finish and pay OR:   

You have other options to choose from to enhance your quilt:  

Borders, Sashing, Machine Quilting 

Borders are 6-inch strips and are added to the quilt top to frame the entire top.


Sashing is 2.5-inch strips added to the individual panels framing each one before the top is sewn together.

Sashing and Borders

Machine Quilting is the process that sews the quilt top and back together with cotton batting sandwiched between the two layers. We use a computerized long arm quilting machine to finish your quilt.  Inquire about basic patterns to custom designs.


***Notice:  Flannel and minky backs are used in the machine quilting process. Fleece is not an option for machine quilting. 

 Fleece backing option will receive a topstitch 2-3 inches away from the edge and around the quilt.  Flannel and Minky backing will be finished this same way if machine quilting is NOT selected for the finish. 

***Notice:  The larger sized quilts (7x7 & 8x8) cannot be machined quilted if borders and sashing are chosen as for the quilt becomes too large for the longarm machine. Please inquire about custom options.  You can choose borders and sashing for the larger quilts, but the longarm machine option will show N/A.

Basic 7x7

Basic 8x8

Step 3:  

Now that you have selected the size and/or extra options, you are ready to checkout. Select the Shopping Cart option at the top right of the screen and follow the ques to pay.  You will receive a confirmation email once you have ordered. 


Step 4:  

Box your shirts/apparel and ship to:  

Quilts By Danielle 

27481 Erickson Rd. 

Eugene, OR 97402 


Once we receive your box, we will send an email confirming the arrival and with timing/schedule on when your quilt will be constructed.   

When your quilt is ready for layout, we will contact you for your final approval.  Quilts will only be constructed once we have final approval. 

Your payment in full gives Quilts by Danielle full acknowledgment and approval for the cutting of your apparel.  Quilts by Danielle will not cut or fabricate any apparel before payment in full transaction. 

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