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Hi there quilt fans,

This blog post is dedicated to those that have a project in mind but just don't know how to get started.  Maybe you have a new baby in the family or a wedding gift undetermined.  

Quilts by Danielle is a multifaceted business. We can help you design a beautiful quilt, finish a quilt on the longarm, restore cherished items and T-shirt quilts using your nostalgic gear.

Here are some examples of recent works of art from the studio.  

Have a super February!

Matt and I multitask watching our favorite hockey teams on the monitor or our daughter's basketball games live stream.   We are a good team.

This gorgeous rainbow baby quilt is a surprise for a very special baby.  One of my former students is due anytime.  They are going to love cuddling under this beauty.

Client chose this Celtic Twist pattern and we adapted it to include their favorite pinks and blues.  The back is a hot pink minky.  Absolutely amazing queen size blanket sure to keep the chillies away.

Who doesn't love a little Kaffe sprinkled in a quilt?

This customer loves his hot rods and car shows.  Why leave all these gorgeous designs in totes?  Make a beautiful blanket to take on the road.

This top is finished and waiting on backing to arrive.  A rich black and red Buffalo print in minky is the destined backing for this huge quilt.  Perfect for 10 of your besties to sit under watching the parade. :)

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